What is PAC?

Principia College’s Public Affairs Conference, or PAC,  first launched in 1939. PAC is the oldest student-run conference in the nation and will be celebrating its 68th year this April. Principia students take full responsibility for the conference: choosing a topic, developing marketing strategies, managing a budget, and securing speakers for the conference.

PAC has, historically, aimed to bring the extended community together and to encourage its attendees to become more educated and proactive citizens in the world. Throughout the three-day conference, participants listen and interact with experts as they tackle difficult and current issues. Past PAC topics include innovation, social entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, and peacebuilding.

The PAC board is excited to announce that this year’s conference topic is Media as a Tool for Social Change. Technology is quickly becoming the primary way the world communicates and shares ideas. People from different cultures and backgrounds are connecting and tackling issues in a way that has never been seen. With this power at nearly everyone’s fingertips, there is endless potential to leave a positive impact on the world. This conference aims to inspire and educate individuals to use and consume media intelligently and with purpose in order to contribute to positive social change.